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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What proof do you have that email advertising is best ?
  • Why did I not achieve a good result in the past in email marketing?
  • What sort of a result should I expect from an email marketing Campaign ?
  • What after Service does DAI provide ?
  • What about Spam ?
  • If it ends up in the Email Junk Box then what’s the Point ?
  • Why do my clients need a good design and format ?
  • What does Client’s Total Management and Training with Agreement mean ?
  • What is Website Analytics, Reporting and associated statistics ?
  • What are Broadcast Analytics, Reporting and associated statistics ?
  • What are Responders’ ?
  • What about bounce emails (Returned emails) ?
  • How can you prove the email has been sent ?
  • What about Security of my email Lists ?
  • How do you look after our Database and your own ?
  • Can DAI manage my email lists and what is provided ?
  • Are your Broadcasting costs and Mailing Lists price competitive ?
  • Why is your system better than anyone else’s ?
  • Will you rent Emailing Lists?
  • What email Broadcasts wont DAI send out ?
  • Is there any special software I need to download and install?
  • Who is Digital Advertising International ?
  • Can I just send bulk email messages from my own email program?
  • Why choose Email marketing to other forms of advertising media?
  • What type of Business should use email marketing ?
  • Why should clients advertise by Email ?
  • Why do I need to promote or advertise my business ?

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