How do we help you?

When you partner with DAI you are getting more than just an email provider, you are obtaining innovative and feature rich digital marketing technology and unparalleled service with experienced personnel and the largest digital client services. We help your messaging deliver maximum relevance, revenue and loyalty.

Digital newsletters are fast and inexpensive to create so they can be sent more regularly than paper ones and Digital Advertising puts your message in customers inboxes more accurately than regular email. Although most spam filters still try to block Opt-in email, by utilising the tools of Digital Advertising International, they are generally bypassed and therefore the messages are seen by more people who want to be aware of current products, services and promotions. Unlike Newspaper print, all recipients will see the Subject Line and therefore your message.

Reputations take time to build and sustain. Since 1999, DAI through its Australian affiliate Net-Managers have been recognized for the ability to anticipate trends and lead innovation while keeping a strong focus on evolving client's campaigns. We’ve seen the industry change a lot over the years, and as a result we have a clear understanding of where it’s headed and what it will take to connect and communicate with a new generation of customers in a positive way.

DAI is the only provider to offer clients the ability to re-target customers through relevant campaigns and use it in situations where they wish to target existing customers with retention based messages. Should a group of your email subscribers that received a recent email message didn’t convert we can target them with relevant display advertising via our medium .

As part of DAI Marketing Services, we’re able to support you through every step of your campaign. We have the most comprehensive consumer database in the industry, a plethora of analytical and strategic expertise, and innovative marketing technologies at our disposal.