Digital Advertising & Broadcasting

In conjunction with our clients, we prepare a campaign from Content, Wording, Layout, Artwork, Subject Line, Keywords, Specialized Mailing Lists, Broadcasting and Reporting.

Managing Client's Database

Our management services include:

1. Domain Checking: An incorrect or inactive Domain site will cause the message to Bounce
2. Syntax Checking: Ensures email addresses are correct.
3. Mail Server Checking. Test ISP's to ensure when mailing commences, it will be accepted by the recipient’s ISP.
4. Correcting or removing all inaccurate information in the points above to ensure your Mailing List is active and up to date.
5. Adding new email data into client’s lists after checking. DAI can manage your lists so that they are always updated.
6. Splitting lists if required and sorting in accordance with client’s wishes and requirements which as well as other benefits, allows you the opportunity to test market a segment of your list before a complete broadcast.
7. Design your Newsletters or Promotion with your input. We can design eye catching messages for your audience.
8. Analytics and Statistics of Broadcasting which allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your broadcasting in real time.
9. Auto Responder Follow-up and Rule Creation. Set your own rules for your email and follow up inquiries initiated.
10. Client Reporting Online secure Access. Amongst other benefits, this allows you to see in real time the trends of your audience, when and where they came from and what they looked at on your message.